Protecting Your Family’s Future With Trusts And Skillful Estate Management

We can help you protect your hard-earned assets ahead of time by creating your estate planning documents such as wills, advance health care directives, powers of attorney and trusts. Our experience includes drafting many types of domestic trusts, including Nevada asset protection trusts, and offshore trusts such as Cook Islands Trusts and Nevis Trusts.

Cook Islands or Nevis asset protection trusts are two types of offshore trusts. A Nevis asset protection trust, for example, is established in the Caribbean Island of Nevis and governed by the Nevis International Exempt Trust Ordinance (NIETO). Safeguarding your assets privately and securely in an offshore trust must be done under strict guidelines to ensure that your assets remain protected and your wishes are carried out properly. Choosing a trustee, other than yourself, to determine which, if not all, of your assets to include in this type of a trust is a complex matter best suited for an experienced attorney.

Domestic trusts, such as the Nevada Asset Protection Trust, are complex, irrevocable trusts with limited rights of amendments. Working with an experienced attorney will help you review the various options that are best suited to your needs. We can help you protect your family’s or your business’s financial future. Call Klein & Fortune, PA, at 954-228-4285 today for a free consultation to discuss your estate needs.

Probating Your Loved One’s Estate Can Be A Difficult Process

When a loved one passes, probating their estate is a sensitive and, often, difficult topic to deal with. Family emotions run the gamut from deep sadness to fear and anger. The attorneys at Klein & Fortune, PA, can assist you with the complicated process of probating your loved one’s estate.

Our attorneys are committed to taking the stressful burden from your family and streamlining the probate process at the lowest possible cost. Our firm can either base our work on an hourly fee or on the statutory fee basis, whichever you are most comfortable with. We endeavor to accomplish the task and make distribution to the beneficiaries at the earliest possible time.

If your loved one owned property in Florida but was a resident of another state when they died, we can help you with ancillary administration of a foreign estate. When we first meet for the initial interview, which can be by telephone if you are not located in our area, we will obtain as much information as possible and provide you with a form to return to us with any information we still require. At our very next meeting, we have all the probate documents ready that you need to sign. We then proceed to open and process your loved one’s estate.

Our firm moves as quickly as Florida’s probate court allows. Most estates are completed within six months of the day they are opened, and so far, all have been completed within one year from the day they are opened.

Count On Us For Straightforward Advice And Integrity

From Florida’s Panhandle to the Keys, our firm’s results set us apart. Protect your family’s future. Call our experienced estate management and probate lawyers for straightforward counsel you can rely on. With over 70 years of combined legal experience, our knowledgeable attorneys can help your family with filing for a guardianship of an incapacitated loved one. Call Klein & Fortune, PA, in Hollywood at 954-228-4285, or email us for an appointment.