Does Your Family Member Need A Guardianship?

Many people retire in Florida, and sometimes become unable to handle their own financial and business affairs before having an estate management plan in place. If your family member is no longer able to care for themselves or their financial matters, it may be time to seek a guardianship from the court. A court-appointed guardian will have the authority to protect the legal rights of the incapacitated person (“ward”), and help them manage their property and maintain their health and well-being.

While it is true that anyone can seek guardianship from the court without the help of a lawyer, it is a complex process. Once a petition for guardianship of an incapacitated person is filed, the court appoints a committee to verify that the alleged incapacitated person is truly unable to care for themselves and their affairs. The committee comprises physicians and other experts who report to the court.

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Providing Skillful Representation For Guardianships Of Minors

An individual under the age of 18 may require a guardianship for several reasons, including losing both parents in a sudden accident, both parents are no longer able to care for themselves or they receive a lump-sum payment over $15,000.

When a minor receives a lump-sum payment over $15,000, Florida law requires a court-appointed guardian to oversee and protect the minor’s best interest in managing the money. The payment may be a result of receiving:

  • An inheritance
  • Proceeds of a lawsuit
  • Settlement of personal injury negotiation
  • Payment from an insurance policy

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